Dance has been a way of life for directors Sue (Boyd) Switzer and Dawn
(Boyd) Borsuk since they were young.  They learned to dance at their aunt’s
self-owned studio and continued competing as they grew, traveling all over
the country.  They quickly learned their passion for dance and were teaching
their own dance and gymnastics classes by the time they finished high

After years of training, rehearsing, competing and teaching, and with the
constant support of their loving parents, Sue and Dawn followed their dreams
and opened up their own studio in 1987.  With 78 students to start, they were
renting a small one-room studio and were open three nights a week.  

As the years continued on, the dance and gymnastics programs grew.  Each
year brought in more and more students, and the number of classes
multiplied.  Soon enough there were too many students to fit into one dance
room, so Sue and Dawn extended their rent to a second room.  

After eight years of renting the small two-room studio, the number of students
enrolled was still steadily rising, and Moves ~N~ Motions outgrew it.  In
1995, with the help of family and friends, they built their own building just
across the street from where their business began.

Through the years, the studio has seen countless feats of success.  Students
have become Broadway performers, Rockettes, members of prestigious dance
companies, some have opened up their own dance studios, and some have
gone on to be dance majors in college.  

From 78 students to over 200, from renting a small studio to owning a large
one, they have kept their passion for dance and have passed it on to hundreds
of young and eager dancers.  They hope to keep growing and inspiring more
young dancers to keep their dreams alive, much like they have.
Join our team, become our family!