Combo Class:
Offered for the first few years of dance. It combines 30 minutes of ballet and 30
minutes of tap (must be 3 by September 1st). Incorporates music appreciation and
creativity while developing motor skills and confidence.

Foundation of all dance and technique. It helps correct body placement, posture
and turnout. Class consists of barre work, across the floor ballet combinations,
ballet terminology, and strengthening exercises on the floor.

Consists of putting together rhythms of sound with your feet. Students learn
timing and clarity among other skills through tap dance.

Described as vibrant and dynamic, and is a less serious looser side of dance. It
integrates movements that are big and exaggerated with a conveyed attitude.
(must be 6 by September 1st)

Hip Hop:
(must be 6 by September 1st)

For the advanced dancer. Must master body placement, technique.
Students are placed on pointe by teacher recommendation ONLY.

Dancers will learn about the incredible choreographers and dancers that have
preceded them, explore styles of contemporary they may have not seen before,
learn how to improvise, and of course strengthen their technique for all facets of
dance by moving in different ways. For the intermediate/advanced dancer.
Must have at least 6 years of ballet experience.

Offers the art of tumbling on a mat and learning stability with balance beams, and
tricks on the uneven and parallel bars. (must be 4 by September 1st). Gymnastics
is offered September through April and is recreational.

Please note: We place students in classes according to their ability, NOT
according to their age or convenient time slots. The student will be moved at
the teacher’s discretion only, to a class that meets their needs and/or ability.
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